Give your business a digital footprint.

77% of in-store purchases are influenced digitally – do you have a digital marketing plan in place?

Display Advertising

The right audience + the right message = Opportunity

Display advertising is attention-grabbing ads that target potential customers online. It can appear either as an image, rich media, video or text formats in front of your target customers on web pages they surf or in apps across their devices.

Targeting audience can be based on what you already know about your customers, such as interests, demographics, or remarketing to potential customers whose shown interest in your specific products and services. Talk about precision.

Google Display Network is the largest contextual advertising network available on the internet today, reaching 90% of internet users worldwide, and serves 1 trillion impressions per month. It’s a marketing channel you must utilize to stay ahead of your competitors and to reach new and existing customers.

Massive Scale

Reach your target audience more often by leveraging Google Display Network which comprises well-known websites, apps, and niche sites to communicate your message.

Relevant Ads

Did you know 15-25% of major Canadian cities population speaks a language other than English and French primarily at home? Is your message being communicated in the right language for your target audience?

Effective Targeting

Technology that allows your brand to target your audiences more effectively and to optimize your marketing budget.

Actionable Insights

We need to be agile, to be ahead of the competition in the ever-changing digital landscape. Data insights give us the ability to continuously and effectively optimize your campaigns to drive better results.


Repetition keeps your brand in the forefront of consumer’s minds. Remarketing allows your ad to follow your visitors online once they’ve visited your website.

Measurable Performance

Live Performance Tracker 24/7, 365 days a year. Track your campaign performance every step of the way through our MRCK marketing dashboard.

Growing Lyft’s Ridesharing Community


  • Attract new drivers efficiently to grow the Lyft community


  • Identified in-market audiences to target based on Google data and insights
  • Created a new campaign and ad group to attract drivers to Lyft using the mot relevant in-market audiences


  • 74% increase in conversions month-over-month from using in-market audiences

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