The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Create ORIGINAL value driven content across social platforms.

Only 3 percent of Millennials look to traditional media – television, magazines, and newspapers.

It’s not always easy to reach the right influencer that can represent your business online. Influencers establish themselves as credible experts in a given industry. Partnering with influencers and the communities they impact is the ultimate way to generate consumer trust and word-of-mouth marketing. 48% of businesses expected to increase their company’s influencer marketing budget in 2017.
How do you select influencers for your business? If you are solely focused on the number of followers like many other small and medium businesses, then you got it all wrong. Let us help you find quality influencers.

Brand Mentions

Social influencers can help you amplify your brand across a wide range of target audiences through different social platforms and blogs.

User-Generated Content

Authentic content that is generated by users is much more credible and relatable to your target audience. 92% of customers are more likely to trust their family, friends and influencers while making a decision.

Brand Ambassador

These days influencers have similar star qualities as celebrities and both have the power to influence mass audiences. Working with influencers can yield bigger returns – they can relate to your target audiences better and could already be a fan of your products and services which make them true brand ambassadors.


3rd party reviews from influencers can create credibility and confidence for customers deciding on your products and services.

Event Coverage

Influencers generally have a higher reach with consumers who trust them – using them for events would add authenticity and help your brand expand into the community.

Sponsored Content

Laws are constantly being updated, understanding the rules and regulations around what influencers need to disclose is becoming even more important – let us help protect your brand and business.

Ten Ren’s Tea


  • Release a new Signature Tea Drink
  • Reach Ten Ren’s target audience via influencers


  • Find and analyze IG influencers that connects with Ten Ren’s values
  • Organize an exclusive influencer tasting event
  • Create social awareness for the new Signature Drink


  • Lowered CPM
  • Generated 70x more impressions
  • Increased engagement by 55%

Let us help you validate and find quality influencers to work with.