Shopping Ads (PLAs) drive 30% higher conversion rates in comparison
to text ads.

Product Listing Advertising

The right audience + the right ad = Online Sales.

If you have an online store, product listing ads are typically shown on the top, or the top right of the search results. It mainly provides rich content such as product image, description, price, and most importantly, your brand.

Product listings aim to showcase your innovation the moment when someone is searching for what they need or want, which could potentially lead to impulsive purchases. By catching consumers in the right moment, it leads to high conversion rates and revenue. Through that approach, 40% of Canadian smartphone users have taken action right away.

By directing potential customers to your brand, these moments provide an opportunity to introduce your philosophy as well as building long-lasting relationships. Therefore, 50% of Canadians have made a purchase from a brand that is foreign to them because of the relevant information presented to them.

Product Focused

Google shopping provides product specific details such as product image, brand and pricing to the searcher that is actively looking to buy or learn about your product.

Relevant Ads

Structure shopping campaigns by product groups and categories to be more relevant to the searcher.

More Traffic

Overall shopping ads generate a higher CTR (click-through-rate) which in turn generate more traffic to your site.

Actionable Insights

Through the state-of-the-art digital landscape, we need to be agile and up-to-date in the competition. Data insight is our set of eyes that will continuously and effectively optimize your shopping campaigns.

Measurable Performance

Live Performance Tracker is readily available for your convenience which enable you to track your business campaigns through the MRCK marketing dashboard. From there, you will see where and how your marketing funds are being deployed.

Maximize Results

All marketing investments need a return and shopping campaign that will generate immediate sales.



  • Gain more exposure in the retail space
  • Reach more of the SleepEh target audience


  • Setup Google Merchant Center
  • Create product groups for each brand
  • Analyze SKU-level performance to optimize bids


  • Lowered CPA and reduced CPC
  • Increased orders by 133%
  • Double the revenue, which continues to improve

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