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Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Stretching across many disciplines in the world of media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) is where MRCK Marketing holds its prime.
Established in 2015, MRCK Marketing is dedicated to help businesses unlock their utmost potential through the power of online marketing. Because of how influential the approach is in today’s digital landscape, it evidently became the backbone of many businesses across the globe.
At MRCK, we work under a philosophy of guiding our clients through clarifying the technical jargons as well as how digital marketing is executed in your online campaign. With our vast knowledge towards many digital practices, our passion lies on analyzing data and explaining the metrics to our customers so we can, as a team, leverage the statistics to make insightful business decisions that will expand towards your goal.
Online marketing is not about marketing to the masses nor wasting valuable marketing dollars and time – it’s about using the technology available to target potential customers who are likely to buy from your business. The more you understand your consumers, the bigger your competitive edge will be over your competitors. Since we aim to provide a better tomorrow, we go above and beyond for our clients by delving into your business and getting to know your competitors as well.
With the collaborative effort with our specialists and our clients, we bring promise in striving to greater heights of success.

We call Markham our home but our work is boundary-less.

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