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Custom strategy that drives online inquiries and phone leads.

The Client

Avenue Road Roofing has been in business since the early 1960s in the Toronto area. As their name suggests, they are a roofing contractor with over 45,000+ roofing projects under their belt. Professional, experienced and reliable is how we’d describe their roofing business.

The Challenge

When you’ve been in business locally for over 40+ years brand recognition is generally stronger but how customers find you has changed so the focus was all about search marketing. Before coming to MRCK marketing to solve their search engine marketing (paid + organic) challenges, Avenue Road Roofing had tried to work with two other agencies but ultimately ended up choosing us to fulfill their lead generation growth needs.

Our Approach

The client was very particular in driving more leads so as a team we decided to focus on the bottom half of the marketing funnel – consumers who were in the consideration and purchase stages. We got to work first auditing their past search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, understanding the type of traffic they were generating to their site based on the keywords they were ranking for, as well as, reviewing their on-page and off-page SEO techniques. This gave us the ability to put together an action plan to improve their SEO strategy.
On the search engine marketing (SEM) side, we put together a single keyword SEM strategy in order to capture intent-driven consumers, encouraging potential clients to click through on a relevant ad and act (call or submit an inquiry).

The Results

By working with MRCK marketing, Avenue Road Roofing has gained a large number of inquiries through their website’s contact form and via phone calls generated from SEO + SEM activity.

Annually, based on a very conservative closing rate at a modest revenue generated per sale (validated by the client), we’ve guided Avenue Road Roofing to generate an incremental +134% on projected revenue growth from the increased leads generated. The cherry on top was the decrease in CPC within the SEM channel.



“If you’re looking for a responsive knowledgeable team to work with then do yourself a favor and give these guys a call. Since we started with MRCK it’s been a dream come true, our website is generating more leads than ever before and the service they provide is nothing short of excellence!”

-Chris Pateropoulos

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