Revenue Increase of +25.8%


Lead Generation Growth (Q/Q)


Cost-Per-Lead (Q/Q)


Projected Foot-Traffic Increase (Q/Q)

Multiple years of client success, this is just the latest snapshot.

The Client

Opsis Eye Care is a local optometrist clinic started in 2015, based in downtown Markham. It’s a full scope clinic that provides the latest eye care technologies, medical procedures, eyewear and contact lens products. The clinic also places an emphasis on helping younger patients with myopia control as nearsightedness escalates in the community and around the world. The clinic also has the ability to service Asian clients who have a requirement to communicate in Cantonese or Mandarin.

The Challenge

MRCK marketing has been working with Opsis Eye Care for a few years now and have year over year helped grow their foot traffic as well as leads generated via phone calls and online service bookings through search engine marketing (SEM) efforts, however, 2019 was going to be a bit different as we had collectively decided to start incorporating paid social media marketing (SMM) as well. Ultimately, the 2019 goal was to increase overall leads and foot traffic to the store while lowering the overall cost per lead.

Our Approach

Once we analyzed our historical web-traffic data, local competition and consulted the client during our monthly meetings, our digital strategists put together a multi-channel marketing strategy to target our ideal clients for 2019. Using the limited resources available to us we wanted to build awareness within the community but also target audiences when they were in the “I-want-to-go moments” as well as “I-want-to-buy moments”. Likewise, we also implemented a re-marketing strategy to stay top of mind for existing customers as well as re-engage with consumers who had stopped by our digital storefront. As a side initiative we also boosted our efforts of reaching Chinese patients by creating Chinese specific ads.

The Results

Halfway into the year – the client is happy and we’re ecstatic to be making a positive contribution to this clinic’s bottom line as we’ve seen both lead generation (+23%) and projected foot traffic (+30.2%) increases. Half a year to go and we’ll have contributed to multiple years of back to back double digit growth for this local optometry clinic.

On another note, as an agency we love working with transparent clients who open up their revenues to us because we get to validate our KPI’s to the actual sales data to get another validation factor that our efforts are truly working – so far this local business has seen for the same period a revenue increase of +25.8% from new SEM and paid Social Media Marketing patients (a direct impact of MRCK marketing digital efforts), so we’ll make a bold statement that when you choose to work with MRCK marketing, as our slogan says, you can expect ‘Performance You Can Bank On.’



“We’ve been working with MRCK since 2016. They have been great to work with as they are quick to respond and diligent in providing the best value for our budget. We have monthly meetings so that we understand the Google Adwords service they provide and what adjustments are made to improve our marketing and visibility. We look forward to continue working with MRCK and utilizing the other services they provide.”

-Dr. Jessica Nhan

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